What a better place to start then at the beginning. It's exciting to watch a child grow and blossom before your eyes. Our infant room is a fun-filled nurturing environment that stimulates the child's imagination, their senses, their language skills, their love for music and language, their social skills and their need for love and security. We use basic sign language as well as verbal cues in order to  enhance language skills. The introduction to books and being read to daily ,helps them to master their language skills at an early level.

     Our early infants, 6 weeks- 6mos, work on mastering their gross and fine motor skills through tummy time, hand to hand coordination and mastering sitting without support. 


Our infants 6 mos-14 mos. enjoy daily circle time with fun filled songs that incorporate our weekly themes of colors, shapes, animals,  and all about me. Once a week, they explore their senses through our sensory program. They experiment with textures, work on fine motor activities, crawl through soft tunnels and over mats and love to explore in our ball pit.


They are happy and secure.

      Most importantly, our infants are surrounded by love, confidence, security, and experience.